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INGCO Gasoline floor saw GSF16-2, 13HP, 120kgs
-42 %
Brand: INGCO Model: GSF16-2
Gasoline engine Engine power:9.6kW(13HP) Weight:120Kgs Max.cutting depth:14cm Blade size:30-45cm(12"-18") Depth adjustment:handle rotation Driving:Manual push Water tank capacity:35L Fuel tank:2.8L Blade not included Packed by wooden case..
₹92,447 ₹159,300
Ex Tax:₹78,345
INGCO Gasoline power trowel 6.5HP GPT361-2
-43 %
Brand: INGCO Model: GPT361-2
Gasoline engine Engine power:4.8kW(6.5HP) Weight:78Kgs Rotor diameter:91cm(36")Blade number:four Finish blade:35X15cm(6X14") Blade included With iron pan Packed by carton box..
₹53,880 ₹94,400
Ex Tax:₹45,661
INGCO GCP060-2 Gasoline Plate Compactor 6.5 HP
-64 %
Brand: INGCO Model: GCP060-2
Gasoline engine Engine power:4.8kW(6.5HP) Weight:60Kgs Frequency:5600VPM Centrifugal force:10.5kN Compaction depth:20cm Travel speed:40cm/s Efficiency:450 ㎡/Hr Plate size:50x36cm Packed by carton box..
₹40,317 ₹113,274
Ex Tax:₹34,167
INGCO GCP100-2 Gasoline Plate Compactor 4.8kW (6.5HP) 90Kgs.
-48 %
Brand: INGCO Model: GCP100-2
Gasoline engine Engine power:4.8kW(6.5HP) Weight:90Kgs Frequency:4200VPM Centrifugal force:15kN Compaction depth:30cm Travel speed:45cm/s Efficiency:660 ㎡/Hr Plate size:56x44cm Packed by carton box..
₹46,020 ₹88,500
Ex Tax:₹39,000
INGCO Tamping rammer GRT75-2 Petrol engine Engine power:4.8Kw(6.5HP)
-35 %
Brand: INGCO Model: GRT75-2
Petrol engineEngine power:4.8Kw(6.5HP)Weight:79KgsImpact force:10kNImpact rate:450-660rpmJumping stroke:65mmShoe size:33X29cmFuel tank volume:2.0LPacked by carton box..
₹76,700 ₹118,000
Ex Tax:₹65,000
XLNT 8.5MM*100M SPRAY HOSE 100mtrs
New -71 %
Brand: INGCO Model: 8.5MM Hose
Inner Diameter : 8.5mm Length : 100mtrs Layer : 5 ..
₹4,660 ₹15,930
Ex Tax:₹3,949
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